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How to Setup Wifi Extender According to the Purpose

How to setup WIFI extender appears in many ways depending on the purpose. Some people set it up for improving signals, use a new router, and so on. Anyway, there are two kinds of WIFI extender setup on this page that you will take today. It is about how to setup WIFI extender for the best signal and it brings one example from the NETGEAR router. This page chooses it because NETGEAR includes the fastest and famous router all over the world.

setup wifi extender

7 Secrets of how to Setup WIFI extender for getting the Best Signal

It sounds so embarrassed when your WIFI cannot log in or connect and has an inconsistent signal. Do not let your friends or family make fun of you! Overcome it soon along with the 7 tips below:

  1. The first secret is on the placement or the location! Find the best area that invites a strong signal to your router.
  2. Use an AC extension cord to ease the signal discovery. The cord helps to bring the router until in the most hidden place.
  3. If you have a multistory house you can utilize the upstairs and downstairs area.
  4. Avoiding Obstacles that reflect or absorb the signal. It is such as the large pieces of metal, walls, mirrors, masonry supports, and closet. Avoiding stray radio-frequency signals like cordless phones, baby monitors, microwave ovens, and refrigerators.
  5. Create a convenient name for the encryption passcode and the network name. You may use the same name or create a different name.
  6. Look for the app assistance like Android, iOS, and Home WIFI Alert.
  7. Involve a mesh networking kit to courage more.

2 options Ways to setup or reconnect WIFI Extender from NETGEAR

In the second section, this page brings NETGEAR as an example to set up your WIFI extender. Exactly, it is the way to reconnect your home network with the NETGEAR WIFI range extender. Seemly, it changes two options to reconnect it was the first method is using Ethernet. Meanwhile, the second way just involves WIFI. You can choose it based on your desire but both have long enough steps. The First method has 10 steps and another is 9 steps.

Okay, those are detailed information on the ways to set up or reconnect your WIFI extender. In conclusion, this page reveals two kinds of the way to set up the WIFI extender. Now, you can try it based on your purpose to setup. Of course, it is extremely vital to listen to the seven tips above. Save it and implement it to get the best router performance.

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