restore dell laptop to factory settings

How to Restore Dell laptop to Factory Settings: The Simple Steps for You

How to restore Dell laptop to factory settings? This question will be the interesting topic to be discussed. As we know, there are a lot of people using laptop and find such a problem with their gadget system. Sometimes, it will be also related to viruses system. Or, there are some issues need to be fixed. Those problems can be fixed by restoring your system to the factory setting. Then, how to do it?

If you want to know those discussions, you can keep reading below. This article is going to discuss some tips to restore your Dell system to the factory settings. Well, let’s find out your best information here!

Steps to restore Dell laptop to factory settings part 1

There are some steps you can follow to restore your Dell laptop to the factory settings. First of all, you need to make sure for backing up all data of your personal files. The restore part of your system will return your Dell laptop into the factory setting. It means anything that is not on your system will be lost. That’s why you have to back up your personal data. So, they will not be lost after you restore your system to the factory setting.

restore dell laptop to factory settings

Here is the next step you can follow. Now, you need to plug in your laptop to the AC adaptor. This way will help you to make sure that your system doesn’t run the battery during the restoration process. After that, you can restart your laptop system of the settings tool.

Another ways to reset your laptop

Are there other ways you can do for restoring your system to the factory settings? Well, there are still other ways you can follow easily. What you need is only to follow step by step carefully. They are only about your system. So, you can follow them by reading the instructions. Here are the next steps you can follow at home.

Well, when your laptop system boosts up in the Windows system you have, there will be three instructions you get. You will find them on your start screen. They are “Continue” to your laptop desktop, “troubleshoot” part, and “turn off” your laptop. How to select one of them? You can choose the middle one and bring it to the second part of your menu. There will be some options you will find. They are “refreshing”, “resetting and also “backing up” your laptop. So, those are all the easy instructions you can do.

Then, this is the last step you can do. You need to provide and save all of your files. After that, you can click “reset PC” from your list. Then, you need to continue choosing “next” button on this following instruction. After that, you can let your laptop completes the restore system.

So, those are all some steps you can follow in order to restore your Dell laptop system into restore system. There are also other ways you can choose about how to restore Dell laptop to factory settings.