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iPhone 13 Could Feature an Always On Display to Save Battery Consumption

Apple seems to be eager to provide the best for its users. For the upcoming iPhone 13, they are going to have the screen to be always-on display. It means you can see the time, date, and battery level without having to wake up your phone. Perfect for when you’re in the cinema or at a meeting.

Apple iPhone 13 Always On Display Feature

However, the always-on display is nothing new. You can see it on smartwatches and some Android phones. However, Apple said that their always-on is different from the one in Android or a smartwatch.

iphone 13 always on display

The iPhone 13 always-on display is only limited to the important information on the screen, such as date, time, and battery level. Any notifications will only light up the small section of the screen before dimmed out again. It is to ensure you won’t be distracted or even waken up by the light from your phone.

When it comes to design, iPhone 13 may not look much different from iPhone 12. Both phones have a flat-edge design like in the iPhone 4. However, iPhone 13 may be a portless phone. On top of that, it will have some fancy colors such as pink and bronze.

New Batery Capacities

A rumor mentioned that iPhone 13 may have reverse charging. So now you don’t have to worry about where to charge your AirPods. And you don’t have to worry about battery longevity. Apple is upgrading the battery capacity for all iPhone 13 models. All iPhone 13 models will get about 10% extra battery capacity than in iPhone 12.

You can notice the capacity bump in the battery for iPhone 13 mini and Pro Max. iPhone 13 mini will have a 2400mAH battery. And that is an extra 200mAH bump from the 2200mAH battery in the iPhone 12 mini. iPhone 13 Pro Max will have a 4300mAH battery, a massive improvement from the 3800mAH battery in the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

iphone 13 battery capacity

You don’t have to worry about the always-on will take most of the battery usage. First of all, the always-on technology is using OLED display. OLED screen doesn’t have to display the black, so it will only light the important information. And to save battery usage even further, Apple will implement LTPO technology on display. LTPO or Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide can dynamically adjust the refresh rate without extra hardware.

Even though the always-on feature is available for all iPhone 13 models, LTPO may only be available for the Pro and Pro Max models. Another rumor mentioned that Apple is working to implement 120Hz ProMotion into iPhone 13. And Apple may add a LiDAR sensor on the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, boosting the photography capability.

The only downside of upgrading battery capacity and refresh rate is that the handset dimension will be slightly thicker. But since iPhone 13 will introduce several new colors, a little extra weight won’t be an issue.

If you’re thinking to upgrade your iPhone to the new iPhone 13, you need to know several things. The upcoming phone doesn’t have a lot of upgrades from the current iPhone 12. iPhone 13 has an A15 chipset, but it’s only a minor upgrade from the A14 chipset in iPhone 12. Both phones also have Wifi 6 and 5G connectivity.

The new iOS 15

However, iPhone 13 introduces the new iOS 15. Even though Apple hasn’t released any screen display for the new OS, they mentioned they reworked several apps. For example, maps and weather that will include business complex and more buildings. But the app that has the most upgrade is FaceTime. With iOS 15, you can share the FaceTime weblink with your Android users’ friends and have them join in.

During the Apple Event in September 2021, the California-based tech giant will also announce the iPad Mini 6, M1X MacBook Pro. Though it’s obvious that iPhone 13 has all the buzz for the time being. You can expect Apple to announce the pricing scheme at the same event. Apple tends to release the phone a week after announcing it.

Anyway, you have the option to get the new iPhone 13 with new flashy colors or choose to save and wait a bit longer for iPhone 14. Yes, there are already some whispers mentioning that iPhone 14 is already in the work.

Samsung Galaxy S10 is Getting This Major Camera Upgrade

Currently, there is a good news for you as Samsung lovers since there is a rumour Samsung will release a great new phone. Yes, it is a new Samsung Galaxy S10. There is a significant feature that will make you so amazed. It is a dramatically improved camera’s performance. Are you interested in it? if so, just wait for its coming.

There is two attractive feature of this device that will please the users. They are so sophisticated with their functions in the device. The two matters are the triple cameras and also a virtual fingerprint sensor for a handset. With those two matters, you must be so satisfied to see the specs and read Galaxy S10 Manual.

samsung galaxy s10

Two Most Interesting Feature of the Samsung Galaxy S10

In this device, let us tell you two feature which is different to other devices. So, let’s see them.

  1. The Triple Cameras

This upcoming Galaxy S10 will come with an incredible camera. Samsung is planning to bundle a triple camera for this device. In the camera, there will be available three lenses. So, it will be able to give incredible picture and videos.

Then, the triple camera in Galaxy S10 will be completed with a 3D sensor which can function to validate the users’ facial biometric information. Hence, when you have this device, you must get a great experience every time you use this device’s camera.

  1. The Virtual Fingerprint Sensor for the Handset

This feature will complete the superiority of Samsung Galaxy S10 inside of the triple camera system. With the existence of the virtual fingerprint sensor, this device can be a major update over the year of Galaxy S9. Besides, the specs for this fingerprint sensor are unknown. There is no detailed information for the specs of this feature. But, it must be so wonderful and better than other devices that have this feature in them.

Furthermore, we have to be patient to wait for the coming of this amazing device. Based on the news, this device will come early next year. Also, according to the reports lately, the Korean company named Samsung is possible to unveil the Galaxy S10 in January 2019. Samsung will do it at CES. So, just wait for it and welcome its coming in the planned time and place.

As one of the biggest company in mobile phones, Samsung will give some updated phone with new features as well. in this case, the coming of Galaxy S10 can be the right solution to satisfy the Samsung’s customers.

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