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Find the Right Ways to Solve Second Monitor Not Detected in Windows 10

As laptop or computer users, you may experience serious troubleshooting, right? For those who have ever experienced it, such as second monitor no signal in Windows 10, you can follow the following steps: In addition, if your second monitor not detected in Windows 10, there can be some circumstances that cause it to happen. It can be a connection problem or device settings. Thus, you should learn how to solve it well.

second monitor not detected in windows 10

The basic troubleshooting ways to solve your second monitor not being detected in Windows 10

There are two kinds of tips you can use to repair your second monitor that is not detected in Windows 10. The first way is by repairing the basic troubleshooting steps. Here are the steps.

  • Check the cable connection

First, you need to check the cable connection that connects the display to a video port on the desktop, tablet, or laptop. Make sure that it connects well in the right way.

  • Try a different cable

If the first step does not work, you can try using a different cable. The bad cable may break the connection between the display and the laptop. So, just try the good cable, for that matter.

  • Select the correct input

You can use this step if you use a monitor with various inputs. You have to make sure that the cable connection goes to the right input.

  • Update the firmware

Another thing to do if you have a connection problem with Windows 10 is to update the firmware of the computer or laptop. You can do it to fix bugs or any compatibility issue that can cause a problem.

  • Restart your computer or laptop

You can try this step to see whether that will fix the connection problem.

  • Try to connect the monitor to another device

If necessary, you can try to connect your monitor to another device to help you determine if the trouble is with that display.

The advanced ways to fix the connection problem in Windows 10

If you have tried the basic troubleshooting steps but are not successful in fixing the problem, you can try these steps below.

  • Go to the settings of the display.
  • Tap on the system.
  • Select Display
  • Click on the Detect button.
  • You could see this button below “Select and rearrange displays”. It is located in the bottom-right corner.

Those are the two best ways to try if you want to repair the problem with the second monitor not being detected in Windows 10. You can follow every step carefully, one by one.

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