change windows 10 password

The Best Ways to Change Windows 10 Password Easily

As the users, have you ever thought about how to change administrator password in Windows 10? Sometimes, you need to do it when you think that anyone knows your password or due to something else. Since to change Windows 10 password is an important matter, you need to know the ways to do it well. As a result, you can do it easily any time you want.

change windows 10 password

How to change Windows 10 password easily

  1. Click the Start Button

First of all, you can tap on the Start Button to begin this process. You can find this button at the bottom left of the windows screen.

  1. Find and click on the Settings
  2. Click on the Account

After you choose the Settings, then you can tap on the Account.

  1. Choose Sign-in options

You can choose this option from the menu.

  1. Click on the Change

You can find this choice under the choice of “Change your account password”.

  1. Sign in with your recent Microsoft account password

To change the password, you need to sign in with your current account password of Microsoft. In this case, you have to enter your password then tap on Sign in.

  1. Verify the correct number

Then, you will receive a new code sent by Microsoft via your phone which is associated with the account. After you receive it, you can enter the last four digits of your number of the phone to confirm that it is the correct number. Then, press Enter after you finish entering the four-digit number.

  1. Enter the code you receive on your phone
  2. Enter your old password, make a new password, then re-enter your new password, click on Enter

Make sure you enter your old password correctly and remember your new one. After that, you will see a message says that you are successful in changing your password.

When you should changing windows password on your PC or Laptop?

There are some reasons people change their passwords on their windows 10. You need also to do it to make your files more secure. The question is when you should do it? Here are three conditions in which you should change your password.

  1. When you suspect there is someone trying to accessing your account with no authorization.
  2. When there is someone watching you while you are entering your password.
  3. After you loan your password to other people for certain reason.

To change Windows 10 password has an important effect to increase the security of your files in it. So, you should do it while needed.