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Apple iPhone X Manual Instructions on Wi-Fi Settings

In this part of iPhone X manual instructions, there will be an explanation about Wi-Fi settings. Wi-Fi setting is one of the important things on the iPhone because sometimes it becomes the first choice to access the network and the internet. There are many things that we can do to set the Wi-Fi, depends on our need.

Here, there will be an explanation on the manual instructions to connect the Wi-Fi, to secure the Wi-Fi and to hide the network. Do they possible to be done? Of course, they are! Below is the information about it.

  • Connect to Wi-Fi

Connecting your iPhone X to the nearest Wi-Fi is easy to be done. To begin, go to your Home screen and directly head to the Settings menu. Tap the Wi-Fi menu there and turn on the Wi-Fi.
Just right after your Wi-Fi is turned on it will search the nearest networks. If there is a network that you would like to join, tap it. If it’s required to enter the password, you should ask the administrator about it.

iphone x manual wifi setting

If you successfully join the network, you will see the Wi-Fi status that has been connected, on the upper right of the screen.

  • Securing Wi-Fi

The second iPhone X manual instructions on Wi-Fi setting are to secure the Wi-Fi networks. To begin, make sure that your Wi-Fi is on. If not, go to your Settings menu and choose the Wi-Fi. Tap it to make it on.

After that, tap the name of the networks around you that you want to secure and join it too. And the last step is by entering the password that has been given. If your password doesn’t match, then you can’t access it because it will not work if you tap the Join menu. But if your password is correct, you can directly connect with the network.

  • Hidden Wi-Fi

The last iPhone X manual instructions are how to hide the Wi-Fi network.  To begin, please turn on your Wi-Fi first. If you haven’t turned it on, visit the Setting menu and directly tap the Wi-Fi menu. Tap Other to find about the network that you want to hide.

Enter the name of the network and the tap the Security icon. In this part, you will be asked to choose which connections are secure according to you. Tap the Other network and click join.
After knowing the basic iPhone X manual instructions for the Wi-Fi settings, you can prepare yourself to try the Wi-Fi when iPhone already come in the market.

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